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The Cotton that Brands and Retailers Trust.

We were looking for a cotton with a superior quality and we found it in COTTON USA™.

Find out why Mr. Andrè Limongello, Managing Director, Original Marines, chooses COTTON USA™ over other cottons for its unique fiber traits.

Brands and Retailers

Measurable Sustainability

Setting a New Standard in Sustainable Cotton. Take a closer look at the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®, a new system that validates U.S. cotton’s leading sustainability practices.

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Superlative Fibers for Quality

COTTON USA™ is an innovator in research, technology and advanced ginning which produces a better quality product for you.

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Scientific Traceability

Now brands can scientifically prove that their cotton comes from a sustainable source. This new technology tests actual fibers, creating an “Origin Fingerprint” that can be traced back to source fields.

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An industry first: forensic verification of origin for all U.S. cotton.

U.S. Cotton and Oritain™ partner to use forensic technology to pinpoint cotton origins—and ensure sustainability claims.

Partnering with Oritain™, a global leader in forensic science and data analysis, U.S. cotton will now offer the highest level of end-to-end traceability in the world. Instead of relying on packaging to trace a product (like most other traceability methods), Oritain tests actual cotton fibers, creating an “Origin Fingerprint” that traces the product back to its claimed origin from any point in the supply chain.

This new partnership follows a successful pilot program that used rigorous blind tests with samples from four cotton-producing states. Chemical fingerprints were determined by analyzing samples for trace elements and isotopes to establish the baseline data, then ginned lint, undyed yarn, and finished fabric were submitted for analysis. In a blind test, two random U.S. cotton samples were submitted alongside samples made from Turkish cotton, Pakistani cotton, and Brazilian cotton. Oritain successfully identified the country of origin for all fifteen samples with 100% accuracy.

Ultimately, it’s a verification program that reinforces the integrity of all U.S. cotton and provides assurance of traceability. Harnessing the power of science, it will provide brands and retailers with a solution that enhances their reputations and protects their products in market.

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The Expert Series

The Secret to Product Execution Consistency:

A happy consumer is a return consumer. How do you assure your product looks the same month-to-month and store-to-store?

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The Expert Series

An Expert Reveals The Future of Fashion Technology.

Creative Director Jessica Hemmer has insight into Fashion Technology, what’s up next and why it’s so important for brands and retailers to invest in it.

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London Fashion Week

The quality we’re able to achieve through U.S. cotton is incomparable…

Innovative fashion designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida took to the big stage of 2018’s London Fashion Week—and they chose COTTON USA™ for a partner. These young visionaries are rocketing to the fashion forefront with a youthful and daring aesthetic and U.S. cotton offer them the long-lasting quality, and unparalleled drape and structure that are essential to their designs.

This video captures them in action at London Fashion Week.

Quality: Consistency Means Fewer Reject Issues For You.

When we use the word “quality” in regards to U.S. cotton, what we really mean is “consistency.” Consistency is the most significant variable in establishing quality and controlling waste. You are more likely to get consistent color across multiple dye lots with far fewer neps and pils. And a final product that has the look, feel and durability that the consumer wants. As PVH’s former V.P. for sourcing puts it: “With U.S. cotton, you're likely to have fewer timing and reject issues due to fewer problems with suppliers.”

For Brand and retailers hero

Why Pay a Premium? For the Savings.

Vertically integrated fabric and garment manufacturers know that starting with a high quality raw material like U.S. cotton can result in a lower overall total cost depending on the final product. Though you may be paying more for U.S. cotton, because there is less contamination, less waste and higher efficiencies, you can experience higher recovery rates, less rework and better dye lots, etc.

Mrs. Simona Paties is the Communications & Licensing Manager of Vincenzo Zucchi SpA, makers of fine linens. Find out why she thinks COTTON USA™ provides the premier quality she demands.


Traceability for Peace of Mind

Virtually all U.S. cotton is classed and traceable to the gin. Classing is done in state-of-the-art laboratories. Permanent Bale Identification (PBI) tags are attached at the gin when the sample is taken. These tags trace the bale back to gin. Best of all, the U.S. system’s transparency allows for constant monitoring and improvement. We are 100% committed to traceability, transparency—and your peace of mind.

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Build your business by connecting with companies around the globe.

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COTTON USA™ supports partners with tangible benefits.

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